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Venture Into Excitement!

As a Venturer, you will be able to WIDEN YOUR HORIZONS, while discovering your place in the adult world. The programme of activities will be ADVENTUROUS, for example - exploring an underwater reef, climbing a sheer rock face, earning your pilot's licence. Venturers have the courage and confidence to say, try and do. You are given opportunities to experience the excitement of living and training, and develop into a capable self-reliant individual.

Areas of Interest

Citizenship, Fitness, Environment, Ideals, Expeditions, Pursuits, Expression, Service, Initiative Course, Leadership Course

Awards are not given simply as token gestures but are EARNED BY YOU for striving and making REAL ACHIEVEMENTS. There are two awards to aim for:

The Venturer Award This can be gained during your first 12 months as a Venturer. Your achievements to earn it will include a weekend initiative course - a test of determination and self-reliance.

The Queen's Scout Award This can be achieved before you turn 18 as a Venturer and one of the requirements is a weekend leadership course. The ultimate Scouting achievement.

Start your Adventure Now!

It doesn't matter if you've never been in Scouting or Guiding before - you can still enjoy the fun and adventure of Venturing. Join now! Start Venturing into excitement!

In our District, Venturer Units operate at the following Scout Groups:

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