District Rovers

Rovers - a Challenge to Succeed

Sir Edmund Hillary succeeded when he climbed up the face of Mount Everest in a blizzard. Dr David Lewis succeeded when he stepped ashore in Antarctica after history's first solo voyage across the Southern Ocean. Dr Ted Finnie, head veterinary surgeon at Taronga Park Zoo, succeeded when he operated to save the life of the only black rhinoceros in captivity. These contemporary adventurers and hundreds like them can trace their footsteps unbroken to the Scout Movement. They succeeded because they were not afraid to try. By becoming a Rover, you become a part of the Scout Movement. It doesn't matter if you haven't grown up in Scouting - Rovering offers a new level of experience in learning, leading and helping.

A Personal Challenge of Adventure

Are you prepared to push your mind and body to the limit? If you're ready to accept that challenge then Rovers are for you. You could find yourself climbing a sheer rock face, driving cross country, hiking through rugged bushland in a test of your survival skills or experiencing the exhilaration of Abseiling. Physically you'll attain the limits of endurance and fitness as others your age fall further behind. Mentally you'll be stimulated and challenged. Spiritually you'll enjoy a oneness with nature and share the company of people you admire and respect. You'll also gain the satisfaction of helping to shape young lives and attitudes. Embark on the Rover adventure, and you're in for the most rewarding challenge of your life.

A Challenge to Serve

Rovers are committed to helping other people and this is an important part of every crew's programme . You may work with young people, teaching kids many of the skills and lessons you have learnt and helping them develop into capable young adults. You may become involved in an environmental issue to help your community, or spend time assisting groups of people within your community with special problems or projects. Whichever way your crew chooses to serve as Rovers, you'll benefit from companionship, good fellowship and sense of purpose in your activities.

Your Challenge Awaits

All you need do is accept. You've seen what it takes. A sense of adventure. Physical fitness. Commitment. Unselfishness. Character, and Concern.

In our District, Rover Crews operate at the following Scout Groups:

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