Parents - a Great Experience for you and your kids

If you were a Cub, Scout, Brownie or Girl Guide, you'll remember the fun of weekends camping in the bush, ghost stories around the fireside, and the pride of taking home a new achievement badge to be sewn on your uniform. Perhaps you can still remember how to tie a sheepshank, or how to make damper.

You've never forgotten the words of the Promise...something about "doing my best and helping other people" wasn't it? You'll probably want your kids to have the same fun and learn the same skills.

Even if it's all new to you, you'll find Scouting is still great fun for you and your kids. Scouting isn't just somewhere else to drop the kids. It's a chance to grow up with them...and that's a great experience for both of you.

Great for Parents

You'll know your kids are in good hands. Trained adults are there to lead and advise them. Through Scouting they'll have access to a wide range of opportunities and experiences. They'll learn. They'll have fun! They'll develop character.

They'll also become part of a world-wide organisation with a proven programme of activities designed to help them cope with the world as responsible and valuable citizens.

Great for Kids

Scouting is a great way for kids to have fun. It's also a great way to help them grow into capable, self-reliant individuals.

Scouting helps kids to:
- LEARN through fun and adventure
- DEVELOP new skills and interests
- SHARE with friends their own age
- HELP others
- SERVE the community
- WORK together
- ENJOY outdoor life
- GAIN confidence
- ACCEPT responsibility
- SHOW resourcefulness
- THINK for themselves

Great Value

For all you and your kids will get out of Scouting, the cost is very small. Each boy or girl pays "subs" - a small regular subscription - and from time to time there may be an extra charge to cover special events, such as a camp, pack holiday, or Jamboree. Uniforms are required and may be purchased at the Scout Outdoor Centre.

Great Ways to Help

Parents can help by:

- Showing interest and encouragement
- Providing transport
- Helping to raise money
- Giving your time to participate with your kids
- Becoming Leaders

If you would like to know more, or think you'd like to become involved, please don't hesitate to contact any member of our District Staff, or any of the Scout Groups in your area.