Joey Scouts

Joey Scouts Help Other People (H.O.P.)

Joey Scouts join into all sorts of fun and games together! Boys and girls aged 6 and 7 years can join Joey Scouts and when they do there's lots to keep them occupied. Joey Scouts meet once a week with up to 20 Joey Scouts under the supervision of trained Joey Scout Leaders and their helpers. Joey Scouts wear their own everyday or school clothing with the Group Scout Scarf which is held in place with a special Joey Scout Woggle.

Joey Scouts learn about sharing, caring, nature, and the world around them. Joey Scouts are given a sense of belonging and learn ways for creative expression. Most importantly, Joey Scouts are taught to care and share. The Joey Scout theme is 'HELP OTHER PEOPLE' (H.O.P.)

Hop Into The Outdoors!

It's a big, fascinating world and Joey Scouts want to see more of it and learn more about it. We'll have special visitors who'll help Joey Scouts with nature knowledge and special displays and activities. We'll also find out more about our namesakes - the Joeys and Kangaroos of Australia - and other types of wildlife too.

Hop into adventure!

For a Joey Scout, life is exciting. At Joey Scout meetings we have exciting stories, activities and adventures of our own. We even go out on exciting trips to interesting places. Mums and Dads are welcome to come along with us too and help us make new discoveries.

The First Hop

Joey Scouts is the first step into the Scout Movement. Once a Joey Scout turns 8, the Joey Scout can move straight into the Cub Scouts, then the Scouts and later still into the Venturer and the Rover Sections. Scouting is a world-wide organisation offering the opportunity for young people to discover the world beyond home and classroom, tapping the skills of others to learn, and passing that knowledge on to others. Joey Scouts is a great way to take that first step towards a code of living that helps young people grow into capable, self reliant individuals.

In our District, Joey Scout Mobs operate at the following Scout Groups:

Nangiloc/Colignan 1st Red Cliffs